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  • The cheapest macropad DIY’ed

    This is how i built the world’s cheapest macropad and you an too!

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  • How To Set Up An Electronics Lab

    I sincerely request you to spend 5-10 minutes and read through this article fully. Thank you. You probably saw a YouTube video on building robots or maybe even a friend of yours has a lab. You want one to practice and make projects. How do you get going with it?? Well, if you search for…

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  • DIY YouTube subscriber counter with LCD and ESP8266

    Please read this article fully!! This article is an extension to the recent KARO Episode where I showed how I made the YT Subscriber counter. With some extra details such as files and dimensions and full parts list, even other can replicate it. PS, this will also be available as a kit for purchase. Be…

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  • Soldering Kit

    BUY NOW! (You will be redirected to store.esccrasci.in to complete the purchase. Ships worldwide!) NOW WITH DISCOUNTED SHIPPING AND BASE PRICE!!!!!!! What is it? This kit is a Dual LED Flasher on a PCB That helps you learn soldering easily. There is no necessity to solder onto perforated boards and spend hours on checking connections.…

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  • How I remade the very first circuit i made live

    So, When I first started streaming, I made a dual LED flasher circuit. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the recording of the stream. I decided to make it again and convert my LED statue sculpture into something very interesting. (The full video recording of the stream is attached below) The circuit is very simple and…

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  • How to make your own ic integrated circuit

    So I have finally finished making the chip after 3, mostly successful attempts.So the thing is that the chip I made follows the principle of a real chip i.e. I mean that it uses transistors as its brain.It is a single transistor capacitor based IC. It is also called LB103 (3rd version).What it does is…

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    Now that we finished one part of the cube solver we move on to the second part where 75% of the project gets over. All of the popsicles together will form 6 pieces like tahis.Then when we fit all of them together the cube looked like this.Once that was over, we sanded all of the…

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  • How you can make your own cube solver pt1

    For more than 2 years I have been dreaming to make my own RUBIK’s cube solving bot. Now, I have the materials and the tools to make it possible. There are 2 methods to make the bot solve a cube: Push and twist method Rotate side method. The 1st method uses the least number of…

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  • The very first project I made, You can too!

    This is the very first electronics project that I made and uploaded to youtube.This project is a Remote Controller based motor driver.The video has the products needed. https://youtu.be/ReJ0Nczex9A The items needed to accomplish the task are: RC receiver RC transmitter Motor Or if you want to go ultra cheap you can get a cheap car…

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