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  • This is how you can transmit music with light

    This is how you can transmit music with light

    My most recent project was to transfer music with the help of light. This is actually a part of a very large project. Things that you will need! LM386 audio amplifier chip LED ( white or blue preffered) Audio jack Solar Panel Capacitors: (50 uF (2), 1000uF (1)) Wire Breadboard Speaker. 3.3 volt and 5…

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    Now that we finished one part of the cube solver we move on to the second part where 75% of the project gets over. All of the popsicles together will form 6 pieces like tahis.Then when we fit all of them together the cube looked like this.Once that was over, we sanded all of the…

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  • How you can make your own cube solver pt1

    For more than 2 years I have been dreaming to make my own RUBIK’s cube solving bot. Now, I have the materials and the tools to make it possible. There are 2 methods to make the bot solve a cube: Push and twist method Rotate side method. The 1st method uses the least number of…

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  • How you can make your own hydrogen generator

    This is my electrical and chemistry-based project. Highly recommend that you don’t try this at home without any safety equipment.Check video below.Click Here To View! Now we used small electrodes with a fixed voltage. Adding higher amount of electrodes can get lethal. SO PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.Incase you want to make it for other…

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  • The very first project I made, You can too!

    This is the very first electronics project that I made and uploaded to youtube.This project is a Remote Controller based motor driver.The video has the products needed. https://youtu.be/ReJ0Nczex9A The items needed to accomplish the task are: RC receiver RC transmitter Motor Or if you want to go ultra cheap you can get a cheap car…

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