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Soldering Kit


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What is it?

This kit is a Dual LED Flasher on a PCB That helps you learn soldering easily. There is no necessity to solder onto perforated boards and spend hours on checking connections. Hence, it helps every beginner learn soldering more easily than ever.

What makes it special?

  • This kit comes with best class documentation and assembly videos.
  • This kit is one of the beginners kit designed for those who wish to start hands-on electronics as a passion or hobby or for academics
  • A well known concept made easy through custom designed PCB by an avid science and electronics enthusiast
  • This kit has been formulated and packed in India rather than other countries. So, it means that a Small scale manufacturer from India is supported.
  • Since this kit has been formulated in this lab, sale of each kit supports the lab.

What does the kit come with?

This kit comes with all parts needed to assemble the kit. All that is necessary to assemble the kit from your side would be:

Tools` Quantity Necessity
Soldering Iron 1 Must
Lead 1 Must
Helping Hands 1 Recommended
Side Cutters (or) Knippers (or) Cutters 1 Recommended

Items included:

  • Parts
  • PCB
  • Updated E-Manual
  • Assembly video

For Whom is this kit?

This kit is aimed at beginners in soldering and electronics. But any hobbyist/professional can assemble it at ease for the fun of it all. A maximum of 30 minutes is only necessary to complete the assembly of this kit.

Creators Recommendation:

I highly recommend that you get the 2 PCBs in one set since you will be able to get complete practice by assembling both of them. 2 PCBs and All components needed to make it work will be included separately in the same shipment to reduce cost and to reduce confusion when assembling too.


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