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How I remade the very first circuit i made live


When I first started streaming, I made a dual LED flasher circuit. Unfortunately, I forgot to save the recording of the stream. I decided to make it again and convert my LED statue sculpture into something very interesting.

(The full video recording of the stream is attached below)

The circuit is very simple and only uses a few parts. It can be made for under 4 dollars very easily.

Parts Needed:

  • BC547-NPN 2
  • LED (RED or GREEN or YELLOW) 2 [But in my case, I used 15. 14 as a tower in series and 1 externally]
  • Resistors- 1Kx2 , 10Kx2
  • Capacitors- 22uF x2
  • 9V Power Supply x1
  • Wire

Optional parts:

(Soldering Version)

  • Proto-Board
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Rocker Switch

(Breadboard Version)

  • Breadboard x1
  • Jumper Wires

I used a highly modified version of a circuit that I found online. In my first stream, I made the circuit on the breadboard. But I made it permanent by soldering the circuit on a protoboard for a project.

The circuit is a dual LED flasher powered by two transistors.

This is the circuit. You can get the HQ scheme from the product card below.

Get It Here:

Since I combined the above circuit into a pre-existing LED Tower, I soldered it into a Vero board and made it permanent.

Now, you might say, Where is the second LED?

Well, I made a LED 2D Pyramid with 14 LEDs in Parallel.

I made it look like a triangle. But in 2d. It is a soldering task. I agree. But when lit. It looks very good.

The circuit for the same is

I used a long copper wire to connect all of the ground. The LED on the perf-board will make the box its enclosed in glow. But the structure will blink indipendently.

I lowered the voltage and took a photo of the structure in action.

For enclosing the circuit, I used a blank CCTV Circuit enclosure box. You may get one from the link below. (Please note. The link I am providing here is an affiliate link. I earn a small percent for every qualifying sale. That helps me run the channel also. When I get enough sum from my BMC, I will shift from affiliate links to official ones. Thank You!)

I also used a rocker switch in series with the battery cable to make it function.

And I powered the whole circuit with a 9 volt battery.

And closed the whole enclosure with the screws provided. And the whole project was complete. You may make a similar project also. If you do, tweet with the hashtag #ImadeitESC

Thank You for making and supporting and of course reading till here. Comments are appreciated.

Project made for & by

Atul R


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