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Serial Data Receiving-Serial Port Data Print SPDP Software – Open Source

Serial Port Data Print-SPDP

The SPDP (Serial Port Data Print) [ Stylized: SDP (Serial Data Print)] software is a rudimentary software that enables the user to directly connect to COM ports of choice either on ubuntu or Windows and receive data from peripherals attached.

This can run in parallel to other software and since it is independent, it does not require additional tools to work. Consuming under 20mB of storage, the program is extremely lightweight and comes with a highly institutive user interface.

Developed in conjunction with AtrivaTECH, headed by yours truly, SPDP stylized as Serial Data Print is built on Python and can run on any computer supporting the same.

For an easier installing experience, SPDP is available as a lightweight installer which will directly install the program and also create required shortcuts.

SPDP is fully Open Source and all files required to modify are available on AtrivaTECH’s GitHub link and can be viewed here. The installer and the source files are all hosted on GitHub and not on the ESCcrasci or AtrivaTECH hosts for increased file safety.

About the SPDP software

SPDP shall always remain in development and will have new features added when time permits. The UI shall also undergo systematic improvements to make it on-par with software of the era. Efforts have been made to ensure the GUI is sleek and easy to use for any user without any hassles.

Although you are requested to agree to a license on install, the keen reader will realize that the so-called license is just the license of the software and not some explicit TOS or Privacy Policy.

SPDP is also highly secure as it runs locally on your PC and only consists of 200 lines of code. This should on its own convey that SPDP does not share or store any data related to the hardware you choose to debug with the same.

You can either download SPDP’s Installer or choose to view the source code on GitHub by clicking the buttons below.


As of 5/Mar/24, ubuntu functionality is still under development and shall be released soon. Windows is fully functional.

SPDP crashes when fetch rate is set under 500ms. Known fault which shall be fixed soon.

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