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The very first project I made, You can too!

This is the very first electronics project that I made and uploaded to youtube.
This project is a Remote Controller based motor driver.
The video has the products needed.


The items needed to accomplish the task are:

  • RC receiver
  • RC transmitter
  • Motor

Or if you want to go ultra cheap you can get a cheap car and salvage the parts from it
Now for the instructions:

  1. Take the receiver and solder 2 wires to the motor 1 / motor 2 socket
  2. Use a multi-meter and a battery to find the positive and negative.
    • SOCIALL tip:
    • for seeing which connection is positive or negative, try placing the probes on the wire. If you don’t see a – sign it means that the polarity is correct else it is not correct.
    • See Image:
    • img not available
  3. Now that you know which one is positive and negative, connect your motor accordingly.
  4. Give it 3 volts with the help of a dual 1.5 volt battery holder. (pay attention to the polarity).

Your motor circuit is ready.Pressing the button will run the motor.

  • if your motor does not run try checking the polarity of the battery and the motor.
  • Check if your transmitter has batteries installed.
  • Check if your board is working
  • Checking if your transmitter works with something else.
  • Check that there are no short circuits.
  • Clean the flux on the board.

if your motor still does not work you might need to replace the parts.
Thank you For Reading!

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