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How you can make your own cube solver pt1

For more than 2 years I have been dreaming to make my own RUBIK’s cube solving bot. Now, I have the materials and the tools to make it possible. There are 2 methods to make the bot solve a cube:

  • Push and twist method
  • Rotate side method.

The 1st method uses the least number of components possible. BUT it takes more time to solve and is more time consuming to code.
So, I used the 2nd method instead where each side is moved individually. This is easier and any motor can be used.
So I joined with my friend and started the bot.
Incase you wish to buy these products, the links are given below.

  • Ice-cream sticks
  • Super Glue
  • Template: Link below!

We first took a bag of ice-cream sticks. Then we made a simple template and cut the pieces. If you wish to replicate the same, the file will be given below. Then we cut the necessary pieces out with the help of the template. Then we stuck them together (see fig:cb1).
LINK to the template:
Link To The File!
 Sorry, Img not available
Then we made it like a tube. See fig:cb2
 Sorry, Img not availableOnce we did the above step, we tried fitting it to the center piece and check if it was steady. See fig: cb3.
 Sorry, Img not available
Then we the same few steps listed above and made 6 of those tubes mentioned above. We also kep’t testing to see if each tube fits. See fig:cb4,cb5
 Sorry, Img not available
 Sorry, Img not available
Once we finished all of these steps pt1 of our bot was ready.
You can move to to the next blog which will come soon so that you can complete making the cube solving robot. Please keep checking the main page so that you know when the next steps come.

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