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Hardware Manufacturing

ESC crasci is a hardware manufacturing company established in 2015 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Since 2015 ESC crasci and ON Group of companies have been working towards the development of hardware manufacturing in India. We are compliant to all latest security and manufacturing standards. We have worked with numerous clients and have dealt with manufacture of hardware. We consist of a team of pioneers who aim to make your requirements a reality. 

We have been working in tandem with various institutions and our founder Atul R has also founded many more institutions that are working towards hardware development by providing various service such as 3D Printing and the creation of science kits.

We are ready to help you make your device requirements a reality. Feel free to contact the Lab-Man (Head of innovation and manufacture) @esccrasci by sending an email to [email protected]

ESC crasci on its own has manufactured various hardware devices under its own brand name including the most advanced IOT based SOS device which is patent pending. We are also pioneers in using new age technology including 3d printing and improved PCB manufacturing technologies and CNC-ing. 

Why go elsewhere when the best and most affordable are there! 

ESC crasci

(A part of It’s ON Group of Companies)

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