• 3M Goggles:

  • Soldron 936 Soldering Station:

  • ESD Safe Powder Coated Tweezer (fine tip)

  • Mastech MAS830L Multimeter:

  • Side Cutters:

  • Wire cutters:

  • Screw Driver Sets:

  • Paper Cutter:

  • White-Board with markers:

  • Component Organisers:

  • Oscilloscope (KIT [ps.Not very accurate]):

  • Lab power supply:

    (WARNING: Brand recommended below is not used by us at the lab)

There are more tools and components that are miscellaneous like pliers, lead, flux etc. But these are to be present in almost all households usually. And tools like lead and flux may come as a set with the soldering equioment. Hence, certain items maybe missing. With these tools, a desk and components are also a must. A computer will also be extremely useful. If you feel that more components are needed, contact me and let me know!