YouTube Subscriber and/or twitter follower Counter (Kit and Assembled)

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(PRE-ORDER NOW) A DIY YT subscriber and Twitter follower counter kit and assembled version.

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Now available for Pre-Order!!


This is a YouTube subscriber counter that looks very chic with all features that is also fully open-source.  This kit version and assembled version come with no-code solutions that are very easy to setup and use.


Why spend over 200 dollars (16000 INR) instead, just spend 10 times less and get a versatile product!!! (Just 22 USD or 1900 INR!!)


The cradle is included for free with both versions!!


The kit will ship from 22-05-22 to all major countries. The powering will be through a USB C Cable and the display is a very high Quality Blue/Green (Random display colour choice based on availability) will be shipped with crystal clear text and no bugs. (outer shell colour choice may vary)


The product will come with lifetime warranty for the assembled version/. For further doubt clarification, please feel free to email [email protected] or [email protected] for an instant response.


The kit is semi 3D Printed with all files available online for your own modifications. An Assembly guide will also be made available by the time of shipping for the kit version.


This is the perfect project to make for yourself or with a kid since basic factors of electronics such as connections are learnt too.


The purchase of this kit will also support this lab.  With all of your support, this small lab and business will become big. Thank You.

PS, please feel free to share this!!


*Notice: Twitter follower count is still in Beta meaning that some issues persist. They will be fixed overtime. Also, the pre-order run will only consist of 20 or so devices max. So grab one when stocks last!!!!

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