How I made my USB C jack longer!

June 2, 2021 - Reading time: 4 minutes

So, why did I even have to do this?

I had an old USB cable that was not in a great shape. And one end was a USB C jack. I knew that such a jack would be tremendously useful when it comes to my hobbyist projects. Hence, I made one.

[aiovg_video id=347]

This is how you can make one too.


  • USB C-Male jack [This or this (note that you have to self-solder. I do not recommend)
  • 24 Guage wire- This
  • Soldering station+flux+lead – Read more here.
  • Helping Hand (not compulsory though!)

So, let's start.

Solder the wire based on what color arrangement you want them to be in. I chose red for +ve, black for -ve, green for data +ve and yellow for data -ve.

You may choose the same or put all reds if you want. It's your cable. Not mine!

Once you solder them you are done.

This is how it looked once ready!

(Disclaimer: This was a project originally intended to be for BMC supporters only. Since, it was irresistible, they allowed me to make it public and share it here also.)

The irony is that I do not recommend that you do this unless needed! Anyways, I hope that you enjoyed reading this post, feel free to support me by buying me a coffee.

Thank You!