We use over 5 official domains for purposes of running this system. Many of the mails sent to them get forwarded to our main ID.

But it is very important that you are informed of what domains we use so that you know that the mail sent to you is official and not SPAM

The URLs are:

  • https://www.esccrasci.in
  • https://www.esclabs.ml
  • https://escsci.ml
  • https://escpictures.ml

If you recieve an E-Mail from any of these, there is a chance that it is sent by us. But still if you are worried, feel free to visit the CONTACT page for finding methods.

If you recieve a mail from us telling that the previous E-Mail you got is fake, please report instantly so that we can find the culprit within a short period of time.

Thank You!