What can you expect while subscribing and What is this kit program? For directly subscribing, please scroll down!

What can you expect while subscribing and What is this kit program? For directly subscribing, please scroll down!

Well, this is a brand-new system I wish to try out. Back when I started to make projects, I would’ve done anything for such a system. And I am sure there are many more who would love to pay a very basic cost and get such kits mailed to their doorsteps every month.

Now, the kits I will ship will be completely open source. Yes! You read it right. They will be open source and also, for those who choose the 5$ and/or 10$ plan, A kit will be mailed to them. For the 1$ plan, the scheme and assembly video will be available to view.

After 2 weeks have passed once the kits have been shipped, the files will be made open for others to view.

If you are confused, in short

Now what kind of freebies may be shipped, that depends. But those who choose to support by paying yearly at once, will receive freebies for sure. (For sure, at least one will be shipped every 6 months as a gratitude for your support). BUT those who choose to support by the end of the first week of 2023 (8 January 2023) WILL receive a token of gratitude no matter what tier you choose!

Now how will I ship out the kits?

All kits will be shipped with India Post since it is the most affordable option. But in certain cases, I will ship via DHL or any other service provider. But the most affordable one will be chosen. That also means that it maybe un trackable. It may take anywhere between 1 week and 1 month before the kit may reach you. If you have any experience buying from China, it is similar. But it will be shipped from India instead. And the kit will also be Indian and not Chinese engineered. That is the only difference.

I would like to cancel. What do I do?

Whichever tier you may end up choosing, please do contact me. If you cancel before the next payment cycle, if any kit maybe on the verge of being shipped to you, you will be given a choice on whether you want it to be shipped or not.

How do I trust that a kit will be shipped to me?

I run 3 different small businesses. 2 are mainstream where one deals with the creation of student educational kits while the other deals with small scale manufacturing. This system is not a business. The profit I make is almost little to none. My aim is to make the process of kit building fun for all. And for doing this, I will make it my utmost priority to make good kits cheap and excellent in quality.

I noticed you offer this system on other platforms too, which one do I choose?

I offer the same service on multiple platforms because some people are more comfortable using other platforms. But utmost priority will be given to BuyMeACoffee. The reason behind this is simple. While it is true that the profit motive is little to none, I need the most amount of funds that you support without any part being taken by service providers. BMC only takes 5 percent while others take quite a bit making my job tougher. So, I will give utmost priority to this platform. BUT that does not mean that I will ignore you or anything. It just means that it may take a tad bit longer before i may cater to any query you may have. You can also find me on Patreon.

How do I trust you?

This is a question anyone will ask. I do too, before I support anyone. All That can I say is, I run 2 proper small businesses with an almost no return rate. I am a human being running this and i make it my utmost priority that you, my supporter, will face no difficulties what soever. I will always be available for support and will make sure that any query you may have been clarified.

How do I get in touch with you?

Well, it’s simple. You can either email me at: [email protected] or DM me on Twitter @ESCcrasci or use the chat system these platforms offer.


Pro For getting started
per month
  • By choosing this tier, you are supporting me and helping me make this lab bigger and better and get fully stocked with all components in this world! Thank You!
  • The occasional product freebie that will be shipped out to you.
  • You’ll be notified by email when new members-only posts are published.
  • Support me on a monthly basis
  • Shout out for new members
  • Unlock exclusive posts and messages
  • Access to full library
  • Work in progress updates
  • Early access
Add to Cart
Elite For enterprises
per month
  • A total of 12-15 kits will be shipped. No commitments, you may cancel at any time after you receive your first kit. By supporting you will also be receiving a kit shipped to you every month. 1 Solderable kit and/or 1 breadboard-able kit.
  • Special Kit (solderable and/or breadboardable) (one soldering kit will be shipped for sure)
  • Full access to all schematics for kits first before it is made open source
  • Support The lab and kits on a daily basis
  • Unlock exclusive posts and messages
  • Shout out for new members
  • Access to full library
  • Free & Discounted Extras
  • Work in progress updates
  • Behind the scenes
  • Hand-Written E-Mail and description shout-out!
  • 12-15 kits
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